Felicity Redevelopment Inc., was founded by a group of concerned citizens in 1998 as a way to improve the lower St. Charles corridor neighborhood. The non-profit organization began by buying properties bordered by St. Charles Avenue, O.C. Haley, Jackson Avenue and Calliope Street.  For over ten years Felicity has operated a revolving fund to purchase, stabilize and resell blighted properties in this historic neighborhood. Over Felicity Redevelopment Inc.'s history, we have bought and renovated over 50 properties in the neighborhood, investing over $5 million in the target area while also recruiting new homeowners as residents and business owners as investors.

Felicity is doing something few non-profits do: supporting market forces in the Lower St. Charles Corridor by encouraging demand and providing supply.  Because the non-profit does not depend on government grants, it must invest wisely and keep overhead low. We have reached a plateau on the O.C. Haley corridor and are currently working on expanding our target area.



Cole Halpern, President

Colleen Evans Lusignan, Secretary

Patrick McKenna, Treasurer

Paula George

Ouida Laudumiey

Michael Rouchell

Camille Strachan

Raul Vasquez


Louise Martin


Beau Bassich

Jeanette Bell

John and Bonnie Boyd

Ricky and Mamie Favor

Christel Kelley

Richard and Aurora Knox

Rich Look and Cassandra Sharpe

Sonny and Laura Shields

Bill and Sally Reeves

Lee Stafford

John Stubbs