Magic in Melpomenia X


Our annual fundraiser, Magic in Melpomenia, includes a live art auction, entertainment, and food from local vendors. This event allows members of the community to help support Felicity's efforts in revitalizing the Central City neighborhood. This year will mark fifteen years of advocacy in Central City and the tenth year of our fundraiser.  Magic in  Melpomenia X will take place on the evening of Thursday May 7, 2015  at the Southern Food and Beverage Museum at 1504 O.C. Haley Blvd.  This year's event will be catered by Purloo Southern Cuisine and will feature live musical performances by Cordell Chambliss and the Jazz Ensemble as well an art auction featuring the works of Tim Trapolin, Phil Sandusky, and YaYa.

Click here to view items in the 2015 Magic in Melpomenia X art auction.

Event Committee

Honorary Chairs:
Bonnie & John Boyd

Ouida Laudumiey

Committee Members:
Jeanette Bell
Jane Bensel
Theoclecia Bourgeois
Lucy Eustis
Ricky & Mamie Favor
Coco Evans Judd
Marguerite Lewis
Neal & Anne Morris
Grover & Bitsie Mouton
Barbara Spencer
Meredith Strachan
Linda K. Stubbs
Danielle Sutton
Katherine A. Viele

Mr. & Mrs. Herschel L. Abbott, Jr.
Bonnie & John Boyd
The Joe W. & Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation
Mary Lou Christovich
Carolyn & Michael Christovich
Richard C. Colton, Jr.
Christel & Keene Kelley
Louise and Ted Martin
Lyn Tomlinson 

Food and Spirits provided by
St. James Cheese Co.
Purloo Southern Cuisine
The Wine Seller

Cordell Chambliss & the Jazz Ensemble

Be-Be & Ken Adatto
Alembic Development Co., LLC
Alice & Nathan Allen
Judy & Allain Andry
Mr. & Mrs. E. V. Benjamin III
Sally & Walter Cockerham
Mr. & Mrs. David L. Eustis
Mamie & Richard Favor
Katherine & Tony Gelderman
Susan & Jimmy Gundlach
John Harkins
Stacy & Jeremy Head
Rev. & Mrs. Henry Hudson
Ouida & Ferdie Laudumiey
Vicki & Jimmy Lee
Dr. Edward D. Levy, Jr.
Marguerite & Jim Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Max Maxwell
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan C. McCall
Gregory Morey & Scott James
Mr. & Mrs. Derek Mimeles
Anne & Neal Morris
The Octavia Fund
Sally & William Reeves
Laura & Sonny Shields
Paul St. Martin
The Stag Cummins Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Harry C. Stahel
Camille Strachan
Mrs. Phyllis M. Taylor
Ariana Tipper, Keller Williams Realty
Whitney Bank

Special Thanks
Tim Trapolin
George Dunbar

Cole Pratt Gallery
Jane Bensel
Matthew Clayton Brown
Le Mieux Gallery
Ruthie Winston
Phil Sandusky
Gretchen Howard
Linda K. Stubbs
Karoline Schleh
Rex School of Design

George Schmidt
Casa Borrega
Ellen L. Jewelry
Dona Lief
Zeko Jewelry
Jennie Kasten
Andrew Bascle
Philip Bascle

Keith Marshall
Richard C. Colton, Jr.
Meilleur Joaillerie
Devon Franceschi