Rich Look & Cassandra Sharpe

Cassandra Sharpe

New Orleans has been my home since 1960. Twenty of those years were spent living and working in the French Quarter as a Real Estate Broker. For the last nineteen years, I have owned one of the row houses in the 600 block of Julia and have lived and worked there with my husband Richard Look. I believe that the preservation of our past leads us to a worthy future. I feel fortunate that nineteen years ago I purchased one of the 1832 row houses on Julia when it was in complete disrepair. Bringing that building and neighborhood back to life changed my whole life for the better. The row houses on Julia are one of the most significant groupings of buildings not only in New Orleans, but in Louisiana—if not the whole country.

As an Advisory Board Member I feel it is imperative that Felicity Redevelopment, Inc. enlist the help of the City Council as well as the Police Commander of the Sixth District. Common denominators for a neighborhood include cleanliness and safety, and as such, it should be among the missions of the City of New Orleans to help protect and preserve the efforts of Felicity Redevelopment, Inc..