SCLC Pavilion

An educational pavilion and green space celebrating the founding of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Sclc pavilion project

In 1957, leaders of the Civil Rights movement came together in New Orleans to form the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). Martin Luther King, Jr. and other organizers were determined to coordinate a nonviolent direct action as a method of desegregating bus systems across the South and eventually taking on wider issues.  Felicity Redevelopment, Inc. and Tulane Regional Urban Design Center (TRUDC), with Director Grover Mouton, are working with other community members to create an interpretive center to commemorate the significance of this and other civil rights actions that were planned or carried out in New Orleans and which influenced the direction of the wider Civil Rights Movement.

 This proposal is by no means for a "Civil Rights Museum," rather it is a straight forward, open pavilion space to honor a specific event within the civil rights movement-- Martin Luther King Jr's 1957 visit to New Orleans and the important events that stemmed from it.  Felicity Redevelopment, Inc. has acquired a lot on LaSalle which will be the project location, and thanks to generous donations, we have been able to get the project off the ground.  Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell has also been a strong supporter of the project, and with her assistance we will be hosting a community meeting to present our ideas to neighbors and others who are interested.